Sincerely Seeking 

I’m seeking, I’m searching, I’m looking, im finding 

I’m waiting impatiently though.

I’m simply repeating Lo! 

The light is dimming,

 the path is fading,

Although it is lit by a faint candle

I am managing my feet, I think I can handle!

But I am stating yet again I know not where to go.

To go up the column or just follow the row?

I know u have set a path for me just show me a way to get there.

There is dust on my way can u blow it away with some gentle air ? 

I’m questioning with a bunch of answers within me;

Give me the strength to make the right choice,

A stethoscope that makes me hear my inner voice ! 

Too many options with which I juggle 

You say it’s a play, but a playful struggle 

I know you are listening, watching and making the right moves

Up there and down here and everywhere just make those moves as steady as the horses’ hooves.


And may I soon come to a closer ladder 

Around you that makes me gladder 

Just make it soon just make it quick 🤗

Guru Got Involved

In life so far we have had our shares of ups and downs ,
greens and browns 
but at some point you felt that it all went smoothly down ,
Because the guru got involved 🙂

Many enterprises may have been tried and tested and failure attested
But if it is your wish , do it any way 
Because now you have a guru involved !

There are some times where you know not how through the hot sultry sun you made it,
There was a point where an umbrella came  to shade it 
Because the guru is involved !

So take up a challenge , make up all ammendments and patch up  all relations give this mending a second chance ,
Because you have a guru involved

Oh a doubt has come , should I give up? this obstacle I have to overcome
No !
Because the guru is involved

No matter what be our fate, 
No matter if the dollar rises at any rate ,
No matter if I get hit by a rock,
No matter even if the world is coming to an end, I am rested and assured there is a key to every lock ,


Because I have my guru involved !

Me Vs. the Mutton Biryani

FYI : not eating meat wont make u a less muslim , will definitely make u a much better human!


17th May 2011 , who knew would be the last day I relish on that full plate of mom cooked mutton Biryani !

It all started such that after postponing for almost 6 months I finally made time for this program called YES!+ . I thought , ki bhai yaha par toh sab cheezo ka jawab “haa” hi hoga. But to my shock cum surprise there were quite a few conditions applied and No to Non veg , eggs included for the 5 days was one such condition of the course .
Well Technically 4 for me because I had unknowingly cheated on the first as I ate pait bhar mutton biryani and came
( this article would be the first time I have declared it publicly 😛 ) .
For me 4 DAYS is much doable but the only challenge here was for mom. Coming from a Muslim family if not everyday atleast every alternate day we would have a non veg meal so here she was who had to cook an extra meal veg specifically.
Till the last very day being 22nd of May I was very sure I am going to go back for dinner and savour on the first piece of chicken tandoori I find
( to all the brahmins and jains reading this my apologies I hope you’re still in pink of health after picturizing this :p )
So yes last day arrived I was all suited up to debate against vegetarianism and in my brother’s words I was BRAINWASHED !
yes that term I wonder why is it taken so negatively !! I am glad my brain was finally being washed itna saara salo bhar ka kachra jama kar rakha tha thank goodness I found a place to wash this dirt off ! One such dirt particle was my eating habits.
I did not know that the chicken I eat was bred until that day ;
I did not know that the chicken I eat has eaten food a hundred could feed on
and I did not know that Meat is the 2nd largest industry contributing towards global warming but now I did and it was a golden chance to be on the sphere of solutions and not the problem. That’s when a small intent in my heart arose never again will I eat non veg.
So far I was living an ignorant life
but now some one has shone me the light
how can I now not be aware
and do nature any harm it is unfair !!

Just this realisation made me make a committed wish. Till 11th of July 2011 I will experiment and see life without non veg and eat it directly on the D day which I did and Guess what I did not want to eat it ever since .
It was a very simple effortless decision for me because it was taken with full clarity and alot of grace ( if you know what I mean 😉 ) But what helps me stay consistent at it is my daily dose of Sudarshan Kriya .
And when such a fullfilling experience can exist in life why settle for anything less than that !
But well we all know how Fathers are , when this came to his knowledge his first reaction was WOW! in that spree he also quit non veg for 3 months . Gradually his initial wow changed into a How? and then not so likely was his definite question Why Till NOW?
Every 3 months he would predict that I would be back to non veg . Those words and pokes at dinner table , fun loving leg pulling and the on going pursuasive attempts of my father to make me start non veg again just made me stronger by the day.

It has now been 7 years 4 months since then and now at a party or family dinner when friends and relatives mock me at being a veggie my dad with utmost pride says “she has the will power to do it, do you ?”

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ode to love


My guru is my govinda ;

My ashram is my vrinda ;

In vain i longed and longed to be meera

But my heart was all radha .

Getting teased and pleased by my kanha

His sweet sound of flute makes every gopi fumble

His sound of flute turns every droplet into dew

making my feet tremble in joy without me having any clue ;

every leaf twirls every petal swirls

and all i do is dance around my centre in circles

like a hopeful myrtle

and an innocent laughter wells up everytime i see his dingly dangly mor pankh

and yet so much peace dawns when for him the pundits blow the shankh

and then he comes with a glow enough to lighten up the entire world.. ❤

~~~~~~~~~~~ Rima ~~~~~~~~

The poetry below may not appeal everyone well that’s what love does creates a crowd of support and rebel but yet it continues to be LOVE by itself .
The more you try to understand this poem the more you try to prove your foolishness because its LOVE not to be held high on the head but simply take it to your heart or the 7th level of existence THY “SELF” . So simply read it feel it laugh where it tickles you and mock where it irritates just let it flow through you like blood in every vein ; Natural and involuntary ; impulsive yet secure

L- literally illiterate
O- overwhelmingly optimistic
V- Vividly virtuous
E- extremely enchanting

Love is like the free air
Meant for those with or without any hair

Love is a celebration be it any nation
Its a chance you can take even over a gas station

Love could be for the 1000 rupee note
Or heavy tears for every letter he wrote

With love in heart
Even the gutters seem like art

Love in life is like having a set of card with 52 aces
With a pounding heart and a pulse that races

For me love could be having family over for supper
Or even subtler sharing a cutting chai with a beggar !

Love could happen over a mentos we ate
Love does happen while I meditate

Love is love , it has just one name
No matter how much at similey , adjective or figurative speeches I aim
Its all in vain

Love Isn’t for working Einstines
Its for someone who can give time
To kiss to cuddle to pray to snuggle
Across every hurdle

That’s why the next stanza chose to rhyme

Since I was born I have been looking for a perfect valentine
Finally found it when I am a teen of nine
Its no one else its within me
The DIVINE , is my Valentine O my Valentine they were always meant to rhyme

Taken Care Of

There is Someone who stays up all night,

Beyond mum and dad when my heart is in fright.

There is someone i can call out,

be it day or night

Morning or noon

dusk or dawn

and he is relentlessly working without a yawn

If i want to cry I have his lap to lay down,

If I want to Laugh I have his arms to drown

If i want to Love I have his smile to Die for

If i want to hate, oh forget about it , its only on Happiness he makes me rely!

There are moments of turmoil as if i am literally burning in oil

There are moments of sorrow , deep deep sorrow as if i am hiding in a black soil burrow,

Stuck there down beaten inside;

Something is pulling my heart and then keeping all art aside,

When i Flip out a page, and strip out a line , there he is standing upright to set things bright.

With so much to give and nothing to take, in every moment of slumber only for me to wake

I start of in a worry, landing in wonder !

For whatever i am facing has been precied down to the little most bit, in the form of a chit

And he has taken all the burden

Those footprints i see,they are not really mine

Oh now i get it, that story of God was really about just you and me.

I can only wish and pray that this truth i am always able to see ! 🙂


I’ve got the power ;)

As the Elections are nearing this wave of Vote is in the air atleast in the air where I stay. Other than party campaigns and publicity stuff like rally or even the fact that this vote will bring about a change etc etc I have a deep rooted not so patriotic reason to vote this time .

So this idea to vote takes me back to when I was some 7 or 8 years old and my school in juhu that time wld be a Polling centre for Elections and that day being a holiday parents would go to vote and then we as a family would head out for lunch or dinner . I would be so agitated to go to my school on a holiday I mean who does that right !! But well was dragged with my parents back then. So it was then when I saw my dad entering some room all normal just like me and we waited outside but when he was back I saw this amazing black ink on the nail of his index finger I was so Damn thrilled ; and out came all my inquisitive questions I wanted to know how he got it where it came from what for etc and there was this mysterious power I felt in that one dot it made me think of it as a super power that superheroes would have and that this will be my weapon to every mishap in my surrounding and that I could be one of the power rangers with that ( as children we were so imaginative, and hell yes optimistic) and now I wanted that too .
So as I grew up I had suppressed this dream of mine somehow under the blanket of friends , feel of worthless studies and all that jazz ! When suddenly it came back to me like a frisby so I am all charged up to go get this super power at the tip of my finger just because it had been my childhood dream I’m sure u had this feeling sometime too so please join me in it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂




NIMBY syndrome not just an abbreviation built in Rome ,
Neither a name of any sorority but a disease suffered by a large majority.
I was a victim of this too in some aspects of my life ,
Until a few years back when reality opened my eyes .


This can be more fateful than any cancer if remained undetected;
Causing large dosage of guilt , sorrow , and leaves you frustrated.
Slowly this syndrome will engulf every cell of your mind and body ,
No technology will help you to escape that state especially not a sports audi.
If you are not in action and waiting till it enters your backyard you are the biggest fool who breaks the legal rules ! and will be left only to drool .


So if you are just sipping tea and hoarding sitcoms all day,
while a girl gets molested down the lane you have the NIMBY !
If you have no idea that there are airplanes abducted and go missing from the sky
You have the NIMBY !

If you still think that pollution is a reason for global warming and not the meat industry you have the NIMBY
IF you still aren’t registered to Vote you have the NIMBY !

And even worse you are registered and yet sit sip coffee while u were supposed to cast your Vote you have the last critical stage of NIMBY !


Just because it’s NIMBY does not mean it’s not Nearby ,
Turn around real quick you never know what will hit you and from where so wake up before you reach a stage before you hear things like it’s to late to solve problems as u may not have the capacity to even guage !


My First..

my 1st

Some time ago I was told to write a blog and I kept thinking it is the very first I must write something nice inspiring put up a great poem may be because its my first blog.
But at that moment nothing at all came to my mind no philosophy no literature neither loveology :p
But soon then I just realized one thing. This is my first blog .
There is no other reason for it to make it more special. Just like the first showers of rain in monsoon after those sultry summers ; just like the very first day at school with the fresh smell of the newly bought notebooks ; just like the first time you drove all by yourself; just like the very first time you kissed someone.
I have never experienced the first showers of rain at a fancy beach it’s always in the middle of the Mumbai traffic . It’s never that the school I went to offered me chocolates on the first day it wasn’t marine lines that I took my car to drive the first time it was just a busy lane down road and it wasn’t a moonlit romantic night where I had my first kiss in fact it was at a porch by the shut terrace
So none of this had anything so special yet it were special the very fact that it is my first makes it special
Like I still remember the first time I meditated the memory of it is just so special
And I will always remember the very first time that I will be Voting this 2014 so more than special I’ll make sure I make it a wise “First” this time. So that’s about it for my first time 🙂 many more firsts to come.