My First..

my 1st

Some time ago I was told to write a blog and I kept thinking it is the very first I must write something nice inspiring put up a great poem may be because its my first blog.
But at that moment nothing at all came to my mind no philosophy no literature neither loveology :p
But soon then I just realized one thing. This is my first blog .
There is no other reason for it to make it more special. Just like the first showers of rain in monsoon after those sultry summers ; just like the very first day at school with the fresh smell of the newly bought notebooks ; just like the first time you drove all by yourself; just like the very first time you kissed someone.
I have never experienced the first showers of rain at a fancy beach it’s always in the middle of the Mumbai traffic . It’s never that the school I went to offered me chocolates on the first day it wasn’t marine lines that I took my car to drive the first time it was just a busy lane down road and it wasn’t a moonlit romantic night where I had my first kiss in fact it was at a porch by the shut terrace
So none of this had anything so special yet it were special the very fact that it is my first makes it special
Like I still remember the first time I meditated the memory of it is just so special
And I will always remember the very first time that I will be Voting this 2014 so more than special I’ll make sure I make it a wise “First” this time. So that’s about it for my first time 🙂 many more firsts to come.