Taken Care Of

There is Someone who stays up all night,

Beyond mum and dad when my heart is in fright.

There is someone i can call out,

be it day or night

Morning or noon

dusk or dawn

and he is relentlessly working without a yawn

If i want to cry I have his lap to lay down,

If I want to Laugh I have his arms to drown

If i want to Love I have his smile to Die for

If i want to hate, oh forget about it , its only on Happiness he makes me rely!

There are moments of turmoil as if i am literally burning in oil

There are moments of sorrow , deep deep sorrow as if i am hiding in a black soil burrow,

Stuck there down beaten inside;

Something is pulling my heart and then keeping all art aside,

When i Flip out a page, and strip out a line , there he is standing upright to set things bright.

With so much to give and nothing to take, in every moment of slumber only for me to wake

I start of in a worry, landing in wonder !

For whatever i am facing has been precied down to the little most bit, in the form of a chit

And he has taken all the burden

Those footprints i see,they are not really mine

Oh now i get it, that story of God was really about just you and me.

I can only wish and pray that this truth i am always able to see ! 🙂