Me Vs. the Mutton Biryani

FYI : not eating meat wont make u a less muslim , will definitely make u a much better human!


17th May 2011 , who knew would be the last day I relish on that full plate of mom cooked mutton Biryani !

It all started such that after postponing for almost 6 months I finally made time for this program called YES!+ . I thought , ki bhai yaha par toh sab cheezo ka jawab “haa” hi hoga. But to my shock cum surprise there were quite a few conditions applied and No to Non veg , eggs included for the 5 days was one such condition of the course .
Well Technically 4 for me because I had unknowingly cheated on the first as I ate pait bhar mutton biryani and came
( this article would be the first time I have declared it publicly 😛 ) .
For me 4 DAYS is much doable but the only challenge here was for mom. Coming from a Muslim family if not everyday atleast every alternate day we would have a non veg meal so here she was who had to cook an extra meal veg specifically.
Till the last very day being 22nd of May I was very sure I am going to go back for dinner and savour on the first piece of chicken tandoori I find
( to all the brahmins and jains reading this my apologies I hope you’re still in pink of health after picturizing this :p )
So yes last day arrived I was all suited up to debate against vegetarianism and in my brother’s words I was BRAINWASHED !
yes that term I wonder why is it taken so negatively !! I am glad my brain was finally being washed itna saara salo bhar ka kachra jama kar rakha tha thank goodness I found a place to wash this dirt off ! One such dirt particle was my eating habits.
I did not know that the chicken I eat was bred until that day ;
I did not know that the chicken I eat has eaten food a hundred could feed on
and I did not know that Meat is the 2nd largest industry contributing towards global warming but now I did and it was a golden chance to be on the sphere of solutions and not the problem. That’s when a small intent in my heart arose never again will I eat non veg.
So far I was living an ignorant life
but now some one has shone me the light
how can I now not be aware
and do nature any harm it is unfair !!

Just this realisation made me make a committed wish. Till 11th of July 2011 I will experiment and see life without non veg and eat it directly on the D day which I did and Guess what I did not want to eat it ever since .
It was a very simple effortless decision for me because it was taken with full clarity and alot of grace ( if you know what I mean 😉 ) But what helps me stay consistent at it is my daily dose of Sudarshan Kriya .
And when such a fullfilling experience can exist in life why settle for anything less than that !
But well we all know how Fathers are , when this came to his knowledge his first reaction was WOW! in that spree he also quit non veg for 3 months . Gradually his initial wow changed into a How? and then not so likely was his definite question Why Till NOW?
Every 3 months he would predict that I would be back to non veg . Those words and pokes at dinner table , fun loving leg pulling and the on going pursuasive attempts of my father to make me start non veg again just made me stronger by the day.

It has now been 7 years 4 months since then and now at a party or family dinner when friends and relatives mock me at being a veggie my dad with utmost pride says “she has the will power to do it, do you ?”

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ode to love


My guru is my govinda ;

My ashram is my vrinda ;

In vain i longed and longed to be meera

But my heart was all radha .

Getting teased and pleased by my kanha

His sweet sound of flute makes every gopi fumble

His sound of flute turns every droplet into dew

making my feet tremble in joy without me having any clue ;

every leaf twirls every petal swirls

and all i do is dance around my centre in circles

like a hopeful myrtle

and an innocent laughter wells up everytime i see his dingly dangly mor pankh

and yet so much peace dawns when for him the pundits blow the shankh

and then he comes with a glow enough to lighten up the entire world.. ❤

~~~~~~~~~~~ Rima ~~~~~~~~