Guru Got Involved

In life so far we have had our shares of ups and downs ,
greens and browns 
but at some point you felt that it all went smoothly down ,
Because the guru got involved 🙂

Many enterprises may have been tried and tested and failure attested
But if it is your wish , do it any way 
Because now you have a guru involved !

There are some times where you know not how through the hot sultry sun you made it,
There was a point where an umbrella came  to shade it 
Because the guru is involved !

So take up a challenge , make up all ammendments and patch up  all relations give this mending a second chance ,
Because you have a guru involved

Oh a doubt has come , should I give up? this obstacle I have to overcome
No !
Because the guru is involved

No matter what be our fate, 
No matter if the dollar rises at any rate ,
No matter if I get hit by a rock,
No matter even if the world is coming to an end, I am rested and assured there is a key to every lock ,


Because I have my guru involved !