Sincerely Seeking 

I’m seeking, I’m searching, I’m looking, im finding 

I’m waiting impatiently though.

I’m simply repeating Lo! 

The light is dimming,

 the path is fading,

Although it is lit by a faint candle

I am managing my feet, I think I can handle!

But I am stating yet again I know not where to go.

To go up the column or just follow the row?

I know u have set a path for me just show me a way to get there.

There is dust on my way can u blow it away with some gentle air ? 

I’m questioning with a bunch of answers within me;

Give me the strength to make the right choice,

A stethoscope that makes me hear my inner voice ! 

Too many options with which I juggle 

You say it’s a play, but a playful struggle 

I know you are listening, watching and making the right moves

Up there and down here and everywhere just make those moves as steady as the horses’ hooves.


And may I soon come to a closer ladder 

Around you that makes me gladder 

Just make it soon just make it quick 🤗



  1. vasuaol · March 6, 2017

    👍 lovely! Keep writing

  2. Radhika · March 6, 2017

    So lucid yet abundantly satisfying
    Lots of love reemou keep flowing:)

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