The poetry below may not appeal everyone well that’s what love does creates a crowd of support and rebel but yet it continues to be LOVE by itself .
The more you try to understand this poem the more you try to prove your foolishness because its LOVE not to be held high on the head but simply take it to your heart or the 7th level of existence THY “SELF” . So simply read it feel it laugh where it tickles you and mock where it irritates just let it flow through you like blood in every vein ; Natural and involuntary ; impulsive yet secure

L- literally illiterate
O- overwhelmingly optimistic
V- Vividly virtuous
E- extremely enchanting

Love is like the free air
Meant for those with or without any hair

Love is a celebration be it any nation
Its a chance you can take even over a gas station

Love could be for the 1000 rupee note
Or heavy tears for every letter he wrote

With love in heart
Even the gutters seem like art

Love in life is like having a set of card with 52 aces
With a pounding heart and a pulse that races

For me love could be having family over for supper
Or even subtler sharing a cutting chai with a beggar !

Love could happen over a mentos we ate
Love does happen while I meditate

Love is love , it has just one name
No matter how much at similey , adjective or figurative speeches I aim
Its all in vain

Love Isn’t for working Einstines
Its for someone who can give time
To kiss to cuddle to pray to snuggle
Across every hurdle

That’s why the next stanza chose to rhyme

Since I was born I have been looking for a perfect valentine
Finally found it when I am a teen of nine
Its no one else its within me
The DIVINE , is my Valentine O my Valentine they were always meant to rhyme